Daniel. Photo by McCall Olsen.

(Issue 7) Theater, Film & TV: Daniel Croix

TV/Film/Theater Editor Maya Renee Castro interviews actor Daniel Croix, currently playing the son of the president in Tyler Perry’s “The Oval”. In this interview, the two discuss how he started acting, the pressure of Black excellence, their mutual love of theater and more.

Annie. Photo by Joana Meurkens

(Issue 7) Art: Annie Meng

Artistic director Joana Meurkens interviews Annie Meng, the Creative Director of Menga354 on what drove her to start her own luxury casualwear  brand, and how Menga is her personal ode to retro-futurism and aesthetics.

Mexican Fruits LLC. Photo by Mariah Miranda.

(Issue 7) Food: Lorena Latino Market & Mexican Food and Fruits

Food editor Stephanie Eyocko highlights the importance of local grocery store owners through Ceci and Martha from Lorena Latino Market and Mexican Fruits LLC. 

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Empty Wells by Jay Roundtree

My body is not my own. It has never been mine to explore, to learn, or to love carefully. It’s shape, how it moves, it’s softness, how it shimmers in the sunlight—that has never been mine to cherish. The songs of my soul and of my heart, my voice yearning to be heard—those have never…

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Brandy’s Cinderella Is Suffering From Institutional Memory Loss By Thai Harris Singer

The turn of the 20th century was an era obsessed with the fantasy of “post-racial America.” Driven by the excitement and the fear of an impending multiracial society, the post-racial America myth was and continues to be, a belief that racism can be solved by higher rates of interracial marriage, a new generation of “caramel…

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Menga354 for Mixed Mag

Creative Direction by Joana Meurkens Photography by Ryan Scullin Clothing by Menga354 Styling by Annie Meng and Joana Meurkens Modeled by Rahm Bowen (Hair by Mecca Little), Kimber Monroe, Joana Meurkens, and Maria Salazar Read Annie’s feature in Issue 7 here! Menga354 is an ode to retro-futurism, a luxury casualwear brand that explores the unknown…

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Hair Stories: (Ky)

Photography by Joana Meurkens. Forward and Interview by Kimber Monroe It has been an honor taking over Hair Stories this month for my best friend and fellow colleague Carolina Meurkens. When I thought about who to feature, I thought of close friends of mine who’ve discussed and shared their hair journeys with me, who I…

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Understanding Our Part & Place by Isabel Umali, BCST

I was asked to write this blog in response to the current events in summer of 2020. I wrote it to a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist (BCST) audience. Let the unfamiliar terms wash over you as you read. These days, we often skim articles, but I ask that you read this article fully. PART 1: A…

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#FreeBritney and the Repressive Origins of Spears’ Exploitation by Paola Fernandez

Paola is a collector of all trades. She loves philosophy, music, design, writing, sociology. Living in Miami, she feels at home next to a palm tree and a couple of mojitos. As a Digital Communications/Sociology undergraduate, she incorporates her writing and design with sociological teachings. She is a big believer in duality and hopes to be a powerhouse in what she does. I

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2 poems by Mayah Lovell

Illustration by @iggdeh black body as a sexual tool  power between dichotomy leave me no more  wax dripping from back water falls off head ricochets candelabra a sound like sshhhhhhh why make it make me stay here the right side of my back my lower back (it is clumped heavy with wax) my nipples drag hard…

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