(Issue 3) Art Feature: Zayira Ray

Art Director Joana Meurkens interviews Zayira Ray, the portrait photographer with an eye for capturing intimacy and human relationships.

(Issue 3) Music Feature: Murielle

Multi-disciplinary musician, Murielle, sits down with Art Director Joana Meurkens, to discuss her latest project “Cancer Moon Child”, the power of international identity, and the influence and celebration of Black women through multiple genres of music.

(Issue 3) Politics Feature: Felicia Singh

Politics Editor Citrine Ghraowi interviews Felicia Singh, anti-racist teacher and candidate for New York City Council in Queens District 32.

(Issue 3) Prose Feature: Taylor Byas

Editor-in-Chief Carolina Meurkens interviews Taylor Byas, Chicago raised & Cincinnati based Black poet and essayist.

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Maxine Bell- Artwork

About the Artist: Maxine Bell creates artwork as a learning tool for her lived experiences. She aims to archive her thoughts, experiences, and feelings through her work. Bell opens her arms to any audience and hopes that other women, Asian Americans, and/or mixed folks can feel like their voice is valid and needed by being…

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Cancel the Kennedys

by James Taichi Collins Last month, the unthinkable happened in Massachusetts. Incumbent Ed Markey – a 74-year-old that most people in the commonwealth likely never even heard of – defeated challenger Rep. Joe Kennedy III in the Democratic Primary for the Senate. This was the first time a “Kennedy” was defeated in Massachusetts, where the…

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Lola’s Filipino Pancit Bihon

 By Maria Sofia Fusco and Elvira Lacdao Pamintuan When I’m three thousand miles away from home, nothing grounds me like the smell of my Lola’s cooking. Missing her warmth and presence, my aunt (her daughter) and I requested that she send us a recipe she’s made us throughout both of our lives:  Pancit Bihon, a…

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Black Birth Worker Interview Series (Part One): Azuri Jenkins & Blue Andrew

In this series, I’ll be interviewing Black birth workers (doulas and midwives) and shedding light on the importance of bringing the conversation of birth into mainstream narratives. In Part One of Mixed Mag’s Black Birth Worker Interview Series, I talked to NYC based doulas Azuri Jenkins and Blue Andrew. They both opened up to me about how they came into doula work, the spirituality of birth, and more!

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Statue of a Woman

By Mariah Ghant  “Statue of a Woman”  sculptor unknown  who questions if you    are a woman? it exists in far    more than your body your clothes       your sandals. the strong hip and marble    fingers are not what make you a      woman I could give you a pedicure but     you’d still be headless heedless…

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Getting Married Today

By Niara Mae Onstage is an ornate vanity. In the back awedding dress is hung up. The BRIDE walks in,taking a seat at the vanity. BRIDEI’m getting married today. Today is. My wedding day. She sits there, smiling for a moment.In a shock of commotion, her wedding partyenters, all women. They bring things in,chattering a…

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