(Issue 9) Music: StarGirlZar

Mixed Mag Poetry Editor Tayo Omisore sits down with Neo-Soul songstress StarGirlZar for an intimate conversation about music, magic, and the responsibility of timeless art.

Photo from @chef600, IG

(Issue 9) Food: Blk Swan

Food Editor, Stephanie Eyocko, chronicles her experience at Blk Swan, including a sit-down interview with the Chef, himself, Saon Brice. 

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Cornrow Beauty by Kasandra Enid Torres

This series is shot in the streets of Washington Heights in NYC. It is all about the beauty and art form of cornrows, as well a celebration of uptown street culture. Photographer: Kasandra Enid Torres @kasaeto Stylist: Rey Peña Braider: Guin Gui @guin_gui Makeup Artist: Juan Jaar @juanjaar Talent: Dani @xaniielle Dog: Tiggs @tiggystardust

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The Pandemic, Music, and Mental Health by Lindsay Marcelli

Photo by @annaparade Imagine this, you’re in an escape room and you’ve used all of your options before realizing there’s no way out—that is what it feels like to be in a constant battle with your mind. This pandemic has taken such a toll on my already struggling mental health, and I have decided to…

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“Music Memory: An Audible Diary” by Ania B. Holland

Illustration by Andrea Miranda “Fall in Love (Your Funeral) presents a warning to a lover of Erykahs about the trouble that could come with pursuing commitment with her which could resolve in ones death. While I listen, I remember being ten, a blue minivan, and a sleepaway environmental camp.”  “It’s gonna be Some slow sangin and…

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In the Shape of the Rabbit by Amita Rao

Illustration by Divyakshi Kedia There was no one at the drive-through window, so they sat simply and looked at each other. The fluorescent lights from inside cast a bright yellow triangle through the glass, past Darren’s own window, into the car, and spilled all over his lap. She watched the light carefully until a shrouded figure…

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The Center Spot For All by Ojo Victoria Ilemobayo

I am like the mango tree-the center spot for all, I wear my trauma in bliss, My feeble hands craft world,  For am for all substance. We are like the tired wall soiled with mess, Our backs crack up at will, Yet we work for them that own us, Without a fathom of fault. I…

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Solidarity from the Latino Community by Sara Morales

Photo Credit: WBUR Sol-i-dar-i-ty: a noun meaning unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest. I personally believe that solidarity means showing the same support whether you are directly a part of the action or not. It seems to me that a lot of people choose to convey surface…

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ABOUT THE ARTIST: Hilary Dank I’m a seamstress and embroidery artist from South Florida. I learned how to sew in college in New York to fill crucial pieces into my closet when I couldn’t afford them. Back then and now, I could never be told ‘No” when it comes to bringing an idea into fruition…

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