(Issue 10) Art Feature: Cristina Loukopoulos

Photo by Joana Meurkens

In this interview, rising painter and textile designer Cristina Loukopoulos tells Artistic Director Joana Meurkens about her journey of self discovery through her art; from reclaiming and redefining femininity to how her Queens roots infused with her Greek and Colombia heritage live through her paintings. 

(Issue 10) Health/ Sex/ Wellness Feature: Simiya Sudduth

Photo by Emma Connell

Editor-in-Chief Carolina Meurkens talks to Artist and Wellness Practitioner Simiya Sudduth the interconnectivity and fluidity of spirituality, birthwork, art, motherhood, and queerness

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Did the NYPD Lie About the Spike in Crime After George Floyd? by James Taichi Collins

Illustration by iggdeh Well, we did it, New York. We had seven major candidates for the Democratic mayoral primary, and we picked the absolute worst one. We are about to elect a right-wing, corporatist, gun-toting Democrat as the city’s next mayor. It’s going to be Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams: a landlord whose campaign was…

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“GOODGOOD” by Murielle

Cover Photo by Dominique Falcon, edited by Anna Koblish Fenty lipgloss, sticky skin and cheap guys in Stüssy are a few things we miss about Brooklyn bars after being stuck in the house for far too long. Murielle, a Belgium born Congolese-American pop star, welcomes us back with a bang. “GOODGOOD,” written in her childhood…

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Metal & Stone Creations by Lizette Bez

Metal & Stone Creations is a handmade jewelry brand embodying the raw and refined characteristics of the natural world. Using traditional metalsmithing techniques and natural stones, I use colors and symbols into the designs and each piece carries the mark of handmade craftsmanship. The love for nature goes beyond design – each piece is created…

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An Interview with Author Chris Stuck by Tom Williams

**CW: this piece contains racial slurs** In the fascinating way that the literary world conducts its business nowadays, I have never spent a moment in person or even on the phone with Chris Stuck. Our mutual friend—and a previous interview subject, Chris L. Terry—got us connected, and our mutual admiration society was born. Two things…

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Temptation Marred the Pronoun She by Candy Navarrete

I was born with original sin.No amount of holy water on the soft of my head, couldCleanse the infinite burden of Eve’s one transgression.From month to month, it flows from withinSeeping out to remind me of the life let go unlived.The almighty father bestowed unto me, tenCommandments only the pronoun she must follow.Thou shall be…

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Shelly Wong Magazine Collages

Born and raised in Queens, Shelly is an interdisciplinary artist who focuses on film photography, watercolor, and magazine collages. During the pandemic, she started creating collages using vintage National Geographic magazines and due to the uncertainty of the world, collage making allows her to be in control and create her own little paradise. Shelly creates…

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Eddie and Leah by Niara Mae

A community recreation room- one of those YMCA type of spaces that you can rent out for your private occasions. By itself, the room feels stale, with white walls and floors only marked by dust and wear over the years. The vibrancy and life comes from the people in the space. On one of the…

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