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(Issue 8) Politics: Whit Washington

In conversation with Editor-in-Chief Carolina Meurkens, Attorney and Criminal Justice Consultant Whit Washington talks about their experience growing up as a queer mixed kid, their parents’ interracial love story, and their commitment to fighting for the dignity of Black trans folks in police custody.

Jade Alexia in Rusty Reconstructed. Creative Direction & Photography by Julia Rodriguez.

(Issue 8) Fashion: Rusty Reconstructed

Fashion Editor Kimber Monroe sits down with the creators of the LA-based streetwear brand, Rusty Reconstructed, discussing corsets, collaboration & sustainability in the fashion industry.

Photo by Benny Harps

(Issue 8) Music: Lo Village

Sherin Nassar interviews the Maryland-based music trio, whose album Lost in America not only reflects their kaleidoscope talent, but signals a new chapter for the group.

(Issue 8) Food: Johnny Cakes by Thai Harris Singer

Thai Harris Singer, Food contributor, journeys through her lineage to uncover parts of her ancestry with Southern staple: Johnny Cake.

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Review: Homegoing (Yaa Gyasi) by Miranda Mlilo

“The family is like the forest: if you are outside, it is dense; if you are inside, you see that each tree has its own position”.  This Akan Proverb is the way author Yaa Gyasi begins her debut novel, a heart wrenching multi-generational story that follows the lineage of two sisters from Ghana in the…

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Up and Coming Actors: Swarnima Singh

Who’s an actor to watch out for? Who’s on the rise? Who’s the next big thing? Well check out Swarnima Singh! Tell us about yourself! What’s your name and pronouns? Where were you born/ where did you grow up?  My name is Swarnima Singh, and my pronouns are She/Her. I am an actor & singer,…

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My Molcajete and Me by Anastasia Garcia

Living in New York City, 1600 miles away from my home state of Texas, the one thing I crave besides family is authentic Tex-Mex food. There are Mexican restaurants in this big melting pot of a city, but not notable Tex-Mex: that unique blend of Southern barbeque, flour tortillas, breakfast tacos, crawfish, tamales, and more. …

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Needle & Porcelain As Swords & Shields by Aodan

Embroidery is always considered as a ‘womanly’ and ‘feminine’ craft. I taught myself  embroidery at a young age out of interest, but as I grew up, I learned that they are part of a cultural and social expectation for women. Nevertheless, I never saw them as must-learn womanly skills. Using these media, I create tableaux…

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“Call Me” by Doren

Doren is a 20 year old singer, songwriter, rapper and trumpet player from Brooklyn. Music has been a guiding force in his life for as long as he can remember, but he began taking it seriously ten years ago while playing trumpet. A graduate of LaGuardia High School, Doren has attended music programs at Juilliard, Jazz At Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall to learn all he can about music and find new sounds. He is currently a student in the Studio Composition program at the SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Music. 

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Hair Stories: (Joi Broughton)

Interviewed by Kimber Monroe. Photography by Joana Meurkens I’m so excited to be back for Hair Stories. In this column, we speak with a lot of people about their journeys toward acceptance and love when it comes down to hair. It’s not easy to exist in our society if you don’t fit into the Eurocentric…

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Suomo Snook Artwork

Suomo is a 31-year-old queer, self-taught Gabonese-American artist living on unceded Abenaki Land, otherwise known as Vermont. Coming from a long line of powerful Femmes and healers, Suomo also proudly recognizes her art as a continuation of her deep-rooted medicinal and spiritual heritage. Although her primary medium is paint – most recently acrylic – Suomo…

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Reparations in Reverse: What the West Did to Haiti (Part 2) by James Taichi Collins

Illustration by @iggdeh Because this article is not on the entire history, and more specifically on what “The West Did,” we will skip to contemporary Haiti to understand how neoliberal institutions and systems continue to plunder the country.  While it is true that dictators like Jean-Claude Duvalier (also known as “Baby Doc”) served as neoliberal…

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