Daleela. Photo by Joana Meurkens

(Issue 6) Art: Daleela

Artistic Director Joana Meurkens interviews model, singer, and student Daleela, a born and raised New Yorker with strong Moroccan roots. In this interview the two discuss the discipline needed to pursue modeling, representation of Muslim women in the fashion industry, and the power of honoring your heritage. 

Kyrsten Bates. Photo by Mankastleman

(Issue 6) Music Feature: Kyrsten Bates

Kimber Monroe (Co-Founder/Director of Operations) interviews Kyrsten Bates, a NYC based multifaceted artist about DJ’’ing, breaking rules in the music industry and more.

Taj Burroughs. Photo by Joana Meurkens.

(Issue 6) Poetry Feature: Taj Burroughs

Poet Taj Burroughs talks to Editor-in-Chief Carolina Meurkens about writing from a place of yearning and the connection between family, spirituality and inspiration.

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Hair Stories: (Kimber)

Photography by Joana Meurkens, Forward and Interview by Carolina Meurkens Interviewing our community members for our monthly hair stories has been one my favorite projects to put together every Issue. With every story, I learn more about the powerful connection between hair, heritage, and identity. This month, I had the pleasure of interviewing Kimber, my…

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Is hop hop making the beauty of Black and Brown bodies more digestible to the white Americans? by Trinity Townsend

Illustration by Andrea Miranda Big Sean and Nicki Minaj described it best when they said “ass, ass, ass, ass, ass” on “Dance (A$$)” in 2011. America is finally in love with big booties. Nicki Minaj, Meg Thee Stallion, and Kim Kardashian are women known for their curvy figures and they have a collective 346.3 million…

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An Interview with Author Chris L. Terry by Tom Williams

Photo by Jacob Boll I first became familiar with Chris L. Terry when his novel, Zero Fade, and mine, Don’t Start Me Talkin’, were being published in 2013 and 2014 by a hip, indie press, Curbside Splendor. So rare has it been to encounter not only another mixed writer, but one with similar parentage and…

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An Introduction to American Pathology (Remix) by Alan Chazaro

I’m lost and wandering in a forest of blue gum  eucalyptus trees and fog horns in San Francisco  while listening to Baby Keem’s The Sound  of Bad Habit. For fun, I think about  which X-Men character I would be  if I were a Caucasian male. But I’m not, and haven’t  imagined hard enough. Instead, I’ve…

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Addie Kae Figurative Paintings

Artist Statement: My paintings are based on photographs of my mixed race family. My skin tone gives the impression that I don’t struggle fitting into the majority, which is untrue. I use photographs of my father’s side of the family because I feel there was so much beauty in their lives, even as they struggled…

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COVID-19 Has Proven To Be Deadly, Especially for the Latino Community by Brittany Zendejas

(Illustration by @iggdeh) While Miguel Hastorga speaks, he constantly has to clear his throat, trying to suppress the fits of coughing that still linger from the virus. His sentences are slow and thoughtful. Before the positive test results, every member of the family had tried their best to be cautious and clean. Then his wife…

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Beginner’s Guide: Yana Perrault, Actor/Musician by Nancy Azcona

Photo of Yana Perrault taken by Marcus V. Richardson Yana Perrault (they/she)  is a 24-year-old musician/actor stemming from Southfield, Michigan, and though that may be where they are from, Yana has taken the stage across the country. Identifying as an “all-around artist”, music being at the base of that, Yana (pre-quarantine) was making her living…

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The lost land by Mia Schlichtling

I can’t eat a mango without thinking about my nani ma, my Indian grandma. As its golden juices trickle down my chin and cling to my fingers in sticky drops, I recall her words. Describing how as a child she would pick the fruit from the graceful tree in the garden, devouring the sun-soaked fruit…

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