50/50 by Tay Bass


The line down the center of my body marks the territories

between the oppressed and the oppressor. This thin line I

walk, is as treacherous as it is sweet. One moment brings 

an abundance of joy in the shape of Black bodies and shea butter

with a twist of sunshine and the color orange. But

when I least expect it, its a sharp tac right through my skin,

piercing my pink toes and flushing my cheeks with colors

I’m embarrassed to show. Then I’m stuck, frozen. just a 

lite brite mulatto with no place to grieve. Skin so bright its a trigger

to my kin. a threat to my kin. 

Now I’m apart from my kin. 

What’s a black girl to do with such white skin?

Tay Bass (she/her/hers) is a Brooklyn based Actor hailing from Michigan! Her work has been seen at Texas Shakespeare Festival, The Flea, Williamstown Theatre Festival and other local NYC companies! For more, www.taybass.com

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