Belt Notch! Music Video

About the Video:

Our skeleton crew (basically me and a cameraman) drove up to the Santa Barbara Dunes, 3 hours north of LA, in order to get to our location. After 8 hours, and multiple drum snares later, we had all the footage needed to splice together a finished product. 

Miles, AKA Cassowary, said this about his song: “I wrote the song while reentering the dating scene after a relationship. ‘Belt Notch’ is about wanting more from a one night stand, and looking for love in the wrong places, how two people can hook up and walk away feeling differently. The notion that you’re marked as a trophy is a common one in communities dominated by heartless dating apps and surface level interactions.I felt that the Wild West backdrop and femme fatale lead of the video would represent this “quick draw” “high noon” situations that I was going through at the time. My villain, who is seen with many hand-made notches on her belt, takes the belt notch saying to another level by seemingly making a notch for each kill. She is loosely inspired by Kissin’ Kate Barlow from Holes by Louis Sachar.” 

Miles and I grew up together and attended the same high school (LACHSA). It was a blast to have two men of color put together a stand alone piece, and I’m slated to direct his last music video on this album by the end of the year!

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