“Colored Canvas” by Myles Baron

Artist name : Milo

Models: Brandon grey , Corwin 

Body painter: Winsome 

Photographer: Landyn pan

Artist Statement:

To be a black man in any community. Especially being queer & growing up, people often paint us in images & colors about how we’re supposed to talk, look, and act. They pain us how we’re “supposed” to be based on what they want, but then you don’t fit in that image or colors in people paint you in and color they want. And it’s not supposed to be like that, we all must see the beauty in being different & being ourselves, and be open to yourself and others. Use your own colors , be your own canvas , be you!

A Note From the Artist:

Hi, my name is Myles Baron but people Call me Milo! I’m 22, a Sagittarius & Haitian. I am a Brooklyn based artist but raised in the city. I’ve played trumpet since I was little but now express my art forms in many ways. I make music, dance, creative direct & produce, throw parties and I’m a bad bitch. I love people, I love to incorporate & collaborate with different energies & views in my artwork, as well as send a message about who I am or any problems in the world that I feel I can bring to light by being a queer POC man. Hope you like my work & we can connect ! IG – @theeonlymiloo

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