Gal Gelbard Fashion

A Note From the Artist:

These shirts are based on my mom’s upbringing in Salvador, Bahia. They include images, paintings, and stitches of old photographs taken of family members and friends throughout the years, dating back to the ’70s.

My sister and I modeled these looks as tribute to our upbringing and family history. 

Special thanks to Ziv, Lucia, and Tazha. 

About the Artist:

Gal Gelbard was born in the East Village. She attended Laguardia Arts High School for Visual Arts and then completed her undergrad in Israel, before returning to NYC. With an Israeli father and Brasilian mother, her aesthetic senses are tied strongly to the cultures of the three countries she calls home. For these garment based pieces, Gal draws from her mother’s experience growing up in Salvador, Bahia. Gal’s work is based in mixed media collage, stitching, painting, and garment making, often including images and renderings of family members and friends throughout the late 1900s to the present. She and her sister modeled these looks as a tribute to the beauty and power of her familial history.  She continues to make work highlighting to cultural subtexts of her rich and varied ancestry.  

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