“Ideias Fora Do Lugar Parte 0/” by Maria Clara Otani

Clothing in cotton and hemp, Mixed media

About the work:

With the many contradictions of the idea of Brazilian “multiculturalism” in mind, this mini series uses fabrics from all over the world to sculpt bodies and space. The Chinese imported blue and pink polyester fabrics that line the background and the foreground are contrasted with the bright yellow chita, a “traditional” Brazilian fabric whose initial commercialization and popularization was deeply tied to Portuguese colonialism. These histories and ideas set the stage for the personal stories written in the fabrics and cuts that Carol and MC are wearing.  Inspired by Japanese cuts, the outfits worn by Carol and MC, particularly the red and black and white jackets, play with body proportions and sizes. The black and white print was designed by visual artist Helen Lin, whose depictions of crying and “hysterical” girls explore conceptions of East Asian femininity and emotion. The general sense of chaos emitted through this visual patchwork communicates the confusion and contradictory nature of a Brazilian identity and also presents the opportunity to create something new. 

About the Artist:

Maria Clara is a fashion designer from São Paulo, Brazil. She is interested in clothes as a means to sculpt and recreate bodies, and explore themes of migration, space, and beauty in her work. She mostly make clothes through my own fashion line, Kotami (www.kotami.co or @kotamiofficial).

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