Independence Day by Alex Brunson

About the Artist:

Passionate about fostering the connections made possible only through shared vulnerability, Brunson is a practicing human at his core. As a Black man who grew up in South Carolina, he has always been cognizant of his race and the work it does in the world’s various spaces. 

For the last three years, Brunson has lived and loved and learned in New York, where he has established himself as a creator & thinker. He occupies his time with many creative endeavors: performing as lead singer and keys player of indie r&b duo bluesoul; founding an antiracist fintech startup; writing his first book of poetry; writing/recording his first solo album; and founding an antiracist community known as HARP.

A lover of people, good laughs, and morning bike rides, Brunson is never too far away. catch him in Crown Heights; connect with him however the spirit moves you. 

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