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About the EP: After working through a lot of trauma and taking the time to heal and allow self love and acceptance, I finally felt ready to let go. “Inner Child’s View” is a feeling-provoking collection of songs that bring sounds of deep dissonant reflection. The EP is the first base to my independent artist journey, which shows off my musical range (going from melancholy jazz, R&B, folk, etc). From ‘Good Samaritan’ to which I ponder upon the morals of humanity, each song is intended to evoke a feeling of being held. ‘Voyage to the Cosmos’ is dedicated to my spiritual journey and is to touch those who are searching for answers in this plane of existence. ‘Sorry’ sings to those who have been hurt whether by family, friendships or relationships. ‘Inbetween’ is a relatable song that reflects on the emotional turmoil of intimacy between two people and the battle of trust.  ‘Eleguá’ is a prayer interlude that is dedicated to my ancestors and traditions (to which are dying due to colonization) of being Nigerian. Eleguá is the Orisha god of the crossroads (the Greek equivalent to Hermes) and I placed this prayer in my first release that I and my sounds from the first release and onward are held and guided onto the path of love and light.

About Lē:

Lē is a 21 year old Nigerian queer singer-songwriter, vocalist and fashion designer living in Brooklyn NYC. Addressed as they/he, he’s begun to put his voice out to the public to get a taste of his point of view. Lē’s most recent EP release is called “Inner Child’s View” ( ) which is an emotionally charged collection of 8 dissonant yet dreamy songs. Lē’s musical mind thrives in the realm of melodies, harmonies and layering his voice to bring himself closer to the listener and give listener the perspective of the inner-working of his mind.  He is releasing a 5 minute single teaser ‘A Meddling Daze’ in mid-July (July 19th) in anticipation of his upcoming EP “Boxed In” which is aimed to be released at the end of August. 

For more information and updates on Lē, their page is @dulce_de_le

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