Three Poems by Ebube J


There’s this picture of James Baldwin and Nina Simone, he has his arm 


her, and is smiling with all his teeth. James has huge long teeth. 

He is holding his friend, his Nina, as if to say there 

will be no use for this turmoil of living if not 

for friendships and happiness and smiling with huge long teeth. 

Friendships to hold you, serve you the biggest and 

wildest of grins and bite deep into your 

flesh and heart and tenderness and humanness 

with their long huge teeth. There’s 

this picture of James Baldwin 

and Nina Simone, There’s 

this picture of 

you and 


Spider Curls. 

Time has come to let them hang 

Let them fall 

My legs cannot out run your voice 

Even now I am tired of your voice 

Of (your) love 

Or what you call it 

Time has come to let my curls hang 

On my forehead 

From my fore head 

     Holding on to what is left 

What you have not detangled in the name of love

What I can be when you’re gone.

the voice of God. 

For the rains will surely come

down The clouds have been 

 sprayed grey and 

 starting to crown 

and those lazy white birds that 

prefer to walk everywhere are 

now flying 

and some trees are dancing the

spirit dance 

and some, responding with only

a few unwilling nods 

and we, in this room 



with steel ears that do not

know the voice of God.

Ebube is a writer from Nigeria. She enjoys everything that is pure and art. When she isn’t writing she creates beautiful digital interfaces. Find her on Twitter @justEbube

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