(Issue 2) Music Feature: Yoshi T.

Yoshi T. is a Japanese-American singer-songwriter rapper extraordinaire. Born in LA but bred in NYC, Yoshi is starting his journey into becoming a household name. Yoshi and I grew up in similar settings, and seeing how he has come into his own as in artist is something that I hold very dear to me. Yoshi manages to show the intimate intricacies of his inner life while simultaneously delivering a dance beat that will stick with you for weeks on end. He is not only an incredibly talented rapper, but he is a prime example of the genre bending wave of new artists ready to take their proper place in the industry. 

(Issue 2) TV, Film, & Theater Feature: Lukita Maxwell

Lukita is a Gen Z creative based in LA. She is currently the Head Web Designer and Editor at Sunstroke Magazine, an intersectional, GenZine. In addition to web design for Sunstroke, Lukita is currently working as a film actor. In the past she’s worked with ABC, 20th Century Fox, and most recently, HBO Max. She loves working amongst creatives, on or off a set, in front or behind a camera. Additionally to designing and acting, she’s passionate about photography, sustainability, good coffee, good music and traveling. This past month I got to sit down with Lukita and discuss small conservative towns, interests outside of acting and providing space for others.

Review: “Pursuit Of” By Cisco Swank & Tobias Kelly

BY: JOANA MEURKENS Francisco Haye, or better known as Cisco Swank has welcomed his first album “Pursuit Of” into this ever changing music scene. Cisco is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, rapper, and producer born and raised in Brooklyn. Cisco’s work is unique in his ability to present beautifully personal lyrics, incredible instrumentals, as well as deliver … Read moreReview: “Pursuit Of” By Cisco Swank & Tobias Kelly

Skin Deep (Wellness Column): An Introduction to My Skin Care Journey by Rachel Cabeza

Growing up, my immigrant mother from Colombia, always stressed the importance of taking care of my skin. I, like her, had been graced with skin that was low maintenance and easy to work with. My mom really enforced the law of sunscreen in our household from a young age; rainy day? Sunscreen. Sitting inside all day? Sunscreen. I was raised with a tenement of skincare I hold holy to this day; sunscreen is essential.

How To Mourn Alone by Nancy Azcona

For the next three days, I find myself having crying spells. Unprompted, heavy, crying spells, and every time I find myself doing one particular thing to soothe the pain. I wrap my arms around myself and squeeze. A pandemic is hard enough without the death of a close family member, especially when you feel like you’re on an episode of Black Mirror and you see all the mini fires surrounding you.

Preparing Our Minds and Hearts for This New Chapter of 2020 by Mayana Nell Torres

Like a lot of you, I am battling with the fact that school has relocated to the same place I’ve spent the last few months, home. Home has become a blessing, but I have caught myself having a bittersweet connection with it. We have had to rework our understanding of what home means to us and how we thought we were going to experience this fall.

From Beirut to Damascus: “Nowhere Is Safe” by Ghalia Al Alwani

I’ve been struggling to collect the words, over the past few months, to describe the rapid deterioration I was witnessing in this country. Every night I’d write a sentence or two, allegories about pain and corroding livelihoods. Then, like a macabre sitcom, a nightmare ensued, as if to answer our feeble attempts at humor when … Read moreFrom Beirut to Damascus: “Nowhere Is Safe” by Ghalia Al Alwani

El Barrio: Not for Sale by Amber Skyy

Gentrification is a rising epidemic happening in disadvantaged neighborhoods in New York City for some time now. Neighborhoods in Manhattan such as Harlem are an ever changing landscape with visible social classes. Some people would argue that gentrification is a good thing because it brings public safety, housing, jobs, and opportunities. Jobs that were usually … Read moreEl Barrio: Not for Sale by Amber Skyy

Black Lives Matter is More Popular Than the Civil Rights Movement Ever Was – So Why Aren’t Our Political Leaders Taking Action? by James Taichi Collins

Black Lives Matter is arguably the most massive political movement since the civil rights era. A recent poll by Civics Analytics indicates that “15 million to 26 million people in the United States have participated in demonstrations over the death of George Floyd.” According to a Morning Consult national poll, the Black Lives Matter movement … Read moreBlack Lives Matter is More Popular Than the Civil Rights Movement Ever Was – So Why Aren’t Our Political Leaders Taking Action? by James Taichi Collins

mariconcito II by Jose Useche

II.  He had permanently red cheeks—rosacea. It seemed, as a baby, someone had crushed rose petals in a mortar and pestle and rubbed the dust across his face, permanently branding him as a warning. When he danced, he glowed even redder, and I wanted to be him. Every day, after 3rd period, we’d run down … Read moremariconcito II by Jose Useche

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