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Amanda is a Puerto Rican woman born and raised in the Bronx. Similar to this magazine, the uproar and demand for justice is what inspired her to start her handmade shop.“ I felt the urgency to help… the best way I felt I could contribute to the fight, was to use my creativity”, she expressed. She designs her tote bags and other accessories to empower women. Her New Yorican (Puerto Rican from New York) culture is what inspires her designs. She grew up in a very old school Boricua household. Food, music, family, and art is what resonates within the culture.

What is Atabei you ask? Amanda says, “The name of my brand Atabei Designs, stems from an old folklore from Puerto Rico. Atabey was a Taino Indian goddess/spirit that was known as ‘The Creator’ goddess of fresh water and fertility. It is believed she provides relief from hurricanes that leave my people in hunger and destruction. I want to create accessories that make women of all beautiful skin tones recognize their worth and significance. I feel like I am paying homage to my Taina ancestors using the name and meaning behind the spirit of Atabey.”

She donates 20% of her monthly profits to The New York Women’s Foundation. It was extremely difficult to pick a charity because they are all so amazing. She picked NYWF because it invests in solutions for women. They provide grants and community support to these women. This Philanthropy group also has made it clear that they are there to support everyone of color especially during these unjust times. 

Wanna check out and support her mission? 

Instagram: @atabeidesigns



Feel free to purchase on her website she accepts all credit cards!

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