Based Laden

Based Laden’s latest project Dreamwalker is the artists’ first LP and consist of 11 songs. This project really gives the listener an idea of his style and how versatile he is. Along with the release of his project, Based Laden released a video for number 5 on Dreamwalker, “IKWTD” ft. Liindoe. The video tells a story while also being energetic and entertaining. Based Laden’s Dreamwalker is available on all streaming platforms and the “IKWTD” Official Music Video is out on YouTube. 

About the Artist:

Based Laden is a 23 year old artist representing both Maryland and New York. His sound is very one of a kind from his versatile flow, to his lyrics, to his exciting adlibs. Laden often refers to “Never Too High”, which started as just a clothing line  but is now, a movement as well. Laden’s genuine personality and confidence together will attract many different types of supporters. “My music is made to make people feel good and to give a different listening experience.” He hopes his music leads to supporters being influenced by his messages outside of music.

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