Black Lives by Shae Henderson

About the Work:

During Quarantine, I found myself with so much time on my hands. While not much was going on in my home, there was so much going on in the world; specifically the killings of innocent black people. Every single day, my timeline was so heavy and extremely sad, but I’m not one to take to social media and pour out my feelings. The most I typically do is repost, but this time was different. I felt like I had to do more. I grabbed my camera, a few supplies, and my cousin, and we went out to shoot.The black name with plenty of white space surrounding it, signifies how little black people mean to the very white world we live in. These images can be viewed separately or as a collection.Separately, the images highlight what Breonna Taylor and George Floyd were doing when they were wrongfully killed. As a collection, it’s more of how you met them, and came to know their names vs. what they could have been and what they had going for themselves.These are only 3 of the souls that were lost to police brutality and/or racism. I hope to continue this project because there are countless others who deserve attention.

About the Artist:

Shae Henderson is a photographer/photo editor living in St. Louis, MO where she was born and raised.Her passion for photography came about in 2010, when she took her first photography class in high school. She is now a Missouri State University (Springfield, MO) alumni. With a BFA in photography, she completed her degree in Spring 2016. After graduation, she decided to stay in Springfield to work. Recently moving back to St. Louis, she finds herself with more time to shoot, and use her photography (and other art forms) to bring awareness to the things she finds important.

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