Brooklyn by Amani Batura


I am born

In the arms of a mother who was

the shade of night,

if i am the snow

i glistened in her moonlight/

I glistened and shined bright,

a name that was different- music to

your ears,

a name that just sounded right/

No ties to the previous roots of my


my father a man of many dreams and

aspirations, had wanted me to be vast/

in the sea of life where there

are endless

possibilities /

I glistened in the basking of my


mother and father always looking over


i am a seed in her mind

the dreamer and believer/

it never saw the light of day,

she was black ice and

she could’ve glistened too

but snow comes before the ice/

the dreamer, screaming a name,

her ears,

a name that would never see the light/

mother and father who kept her in the

dark, still wanted her and had

dreams of little one’s pitter-patterin/

she was a seed and in the mind those

dreams of

love and happiness lie /

mother who kept dreaming,


and she

dreams of her and


Amani Batura is a 19 year old Freelance Creative focusing on the influence of his words and culture through Voice, Imagery, then Action if need be. He spent 7 years studying the arts at a Pre-Conservatory program in the Rockies, now spending much of his time shedding light and writing Queer storylines with voices that have yet to be heard, jumping back and forth between the Mile High City and the City of Angels. Amani’s not afraid to get his vision completed, whether that may be with a pen, behind the camera, or even on stage so strap in and wait and see what he may bring!

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