Casia’s Chaos


This is a redraw actually. I struggled with anger when I drew it originally, I hated who I was and who I was calling my friends. I redrew it because she deserved to be expressed like any emotion.


Describes my desire to be unapologetically true to myself.

Bad Trip

Essentially be careful what you wish for. I asked for something and I got what I wanted and it wasn’t anything I needed

Casia’s Chaos

I honestly took a tab of acid and just felt at peace. Decided to draw a snippet of my brain room

Y Doe

A freestyle based off perception, there’s no such thing as good or bad, simply how we perceive. Rain cleanses you as well as it can drown you.

A Note from the Artist:

My name is Casia (kuh see yah)  I’m a self taught Haitian American artist hailing from Queens,Ny. I dabble in various mediums such as acrylic , watercolor,oil and digital art. I also create hand made iron-on patches and resin art. My vision as an artist is to reach the cores of the soul that are hidden within one’s psyche. I solely paint what comes to me in my dreams as well as my struggle as a black woman within today’s society.  I am currently working on my passion project of my own tarot deck as well as creating animations within divine time.

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