Lines Written in Quarantine by Johnathan Lay

Lines Written in Quarantine

  1. this apocalypse is brought to you by Charmin’ and Purell

send out the little canary

see if it returns with a song

of the empty

         wasteland gasping for breathe

hung with hoarse voices

singing in the quartiere

  1. the only way through is prayer and disaster movies

it’s a hard city to live

16 million middle fingers

to the gods who save

by plague     a man would be damned

for less

  1. they forget NYC aint just for white people (or resiliency isn’t where you think)

Juicy blared in Brooklyn

by people who know what broken is

watching flowers bloom iridescent from oil soaked streets

Johnathan Lay is a Black gay Southern Writer now living in New York City pursuing his writing dreams and career goals. He has a BA from Georgia College and State University and an MFA from University of San Francisco. His poetry deals with being gay and being Black and the intersections that collide from being both.

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