“Omen” by Jurien Huggins

“Omen”, (a series born out of Covid Quarantine) has a few definitions, which makes it difficult to explain where it came from. The easiest explanation is that it is a surrealist take on the duality in our personalities. Most people live their lives believing that they are trustworthy, but have no difficulty crafting falsehoods. One may feel the weighty effects of depression and sadness, yet find themselves in the company of people who love their vibrant personality. How can we be so complex? These photomontage visuals speak a little about my own struggles and insecurities in these areas.

About the Artist:

Jurien Huggins grew up in the island heat of the US Virgin Islands. After leaving high school, he earned his Bachelor of Science at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI in Design. After a few years as a graphic designer he discovered an often hilarious obsession with photography, and is self-taught. Now, he works as a multidisciplinary creative and Visual Designer in New York City, telling stories using editorial photography and videography as his medium.

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