the night i got drunk and nazis ran through the streets by s.g. maldonado-vélez

the night i got drunk and nazis ran through the streets 

-for Charlottesville, Virginia 

i carry lullabies in my ears tonight bucketfuls to drench the fire of tiki torches bought at walmart 

for fifteen bucks by the same white faces caught and sought to 

represent the future suburban dads association ready to light up cities i condemned myself years ago in not 

so many words and i can’t help but think about the josé rivera play marisol where 

the main character’s best white friend gets hit on the head and becomes a nazi who lights the homeless on fire 

so i plan to gift all my friends helmets this christmas before any new statues 

are erected doesn’t matter for what since all idols are false i look up yo como la luna mi boca con otra boca 

s.g. maldonado-vélez is a Puerto Rican poet/artist with an MFA in Poetry from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and serves as assistant poetry editor for Liminal Transit Review. They have been published in Hunger Mountain, the Shade Journal, Peach Mag, and more. s.g. can be found on Twitter @M00NP0ET and at They strongly believe that we share hearts.

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