Films to Look Out for: For What It’s Worth

Plot Summary: An older sister mourns the loss of her brother after receiving a large death settlement from the city police department. TW: Police Brutality, Violence against Black People

Director’s Statement: The idea of For What It’s Worth was to explore a side of black violence that we weren’t seeing enough of in the media. The pornography of Black death is both pervasive and explicit, to the point of numbness. The high goal Agyeiwaa Asante, who wrote the initial screenplay, and I were reaching for in the film was, in a word: memory. We wanted to remember the absence that death leaves to the families affected. To remember that these Black people were humans before they ever were headlines. Our thinking was that in the act of remembering the humanity of the siblings, the mothers, the children left behind in the wake of tragedy, our audience would also reconnect with the true emotional cost of Loss. It’s not normal to expect the state to murder Black people, no matter how many it’s happened in this country. What is normal is to mourn the infinite nature of their futures, the future was taken away from them. Any monetary attempt to placate that grief, to excuse that indecency, is vain and worthless. Not worth a single fucking penny. 

Cast (IG handles):

Trehana Riley (@trehanamary)

Tito Faldoun (@blacky_wavy)

Crew (IG handles):

Directed by Tayo Omisore (@thatstayo)

Written and Produced by Agyewaai Asante (@thedarkagez)

Shot and Edited by Montana Monardes (@montanerzz)

A Blackburb Production (@blackburbmedia) 

“Engage, Entertain, Educate, always Empathy.”For What It’s Worth will premiere Midnight on 10/10 on the COLORMIND Youtube:

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