Maxine Bell- Artwork

“Pop a ‘mame” is both food and spooky! It’s oil on canvas and is 24×26″

“私は間違いなく機械です” is 12×24″ watercolor, collage, acrylic, and ink on watercolor board. This one is kinda spooky? It translates roughly to “There’s no way I’m not a machine, I’m certain”

“Bowl Girl” is 13×13″ print: marker, watercolor, chine-collé, pronto plate print”

“Slurp Girl” is a 10x13x13″ sculpture made from clay, glaze, wire, beads, and yarn”

“ご飯 Bloopie” is 12x12x24″ sculpture made from clay, acrylic paint, chopsticks, and plastic fork”

“私の食べ物” is a table setting I made to commemorate lunch box meals my mom used to make me and combining it with Japanese New Year’s table setting. Copper, clay, and glaze.

About the Artist:

Maxine Bell creates artwork as a learning tool for her lived experiences. She aims to archive her thoughts, experiences, and feelings through her work. Bell opens her arms to any audience and hopes that other women, Asian Americans, and/or mixed folks can feel like their voice is valid and needed by being vulnerable in her work.

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