Paulo Redeem – Fashion

A brand by NaaAmerley Badger

A note from the artist:

In a time where accountability culture is at an all time high we as a culture have found out that some of the most revered brands, people, magazines who claimed to be inclusive or sustainable were in fact performative and greenwashing. We’re in a moment of time when all of us are called to examine the ethics and values of the brands we buy into, promote, and wear because we now know that though they cash in on our cultural currency there is no love for Black or Brown people within their ranks. That in practice and action Black lives do not matter to them. Paulo Redeem is borne of this moment, from a practical desire to reduce consumption, know where the clothes we wear come from, who made them, and that they are singular. Founded, designed, and produced by Black women, our objective is to tap into the luxury of personalization through a sustainable, slow-fashion experience. – NaaAmerley Badger, Founder & Designer 

The selection are of Collection 001 – First Born and New Earth (the line of avocado-dyed garments).

Photos by Katie Rey. @katiereyphotography

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