“Create to Express” by Gayathri Krishnan

Gayathri Krishnan is a singer/songwriter from Irvine, California. Her musical roots lie in Indian classical music(Carnatic) as she creates a unique sound, a fusion of her culture and R&B. She stands by the phrase Create to Express as her intention when making music is to empower other creatives to express themselves freely. Her songs carry messages of self love, and gratitude for the beauty of life.

A Note From the Artist:

As a second generation South Asian artist, it is important for me to incorporate elements of Indian Classical music mixed with contemporary styles. My EP Create to Express starts with a guided meditative listening transporting the audience to a peaceful setting. The pieces following carry themes of confidence and empowerment. The EP ends with the song 444 that speaks about the story of my parents moving from India starting a life for our family in America, and giving me the opportunity and gift to manifest, and reach for my goals and dreams. I hope to inspire other individuals to express themselves freely and believe that anything is possible with love, passion, and determination. I hope you enjoy this project.

Connect with Gayathri: https://www.instagram.com/gayathriikrishnan/

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