Lizette Ayala Digital Design

About the Artist:

Lizette Ayala is a Salvadoran-Mexican digital designer, creative technologist, curator, cultural strategist, and budding curandera based across New York City, Texas, and Mexico City. She’s a recent graduate of Parsons School of Design, where she majored in Design and Technology and studied experiential design, new media, and surveillance practices. Here, she produced work with an intense focus on fostering digital autonomy and agency within marginalized communities of color— in hopes of lessening the amplification and ramifications of social and racial inequalities reproduced in the digital realm. 

She’s currently working as a freelance web designer and developer, a practice in which she leads with the motto “Love, labor and lastly logic” — in an attempt to capacitate and embed communal compassion and care within the formulation of technical structures. 

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