Otros Espacios by Angelina Ruiz

My body of work is entitled Otros Espacios, translating to “Other Spaces” in Spanish. The work is striving to illustrate the bonds within family life. The images display a narrative that bridges the gaps between the past and the present. I use family photos as well as found imagery to draw parallels between the lives of people who do not know each other. There are emotions and memories that are carried in each of these constantly changing spaces. I then include ephemera and my own photography to emphasize my personal connection with these spaces.

About the Artist:

Angelina Ruiz is a Nuyorican artist, working and creating in her field over the last 10 years. She received her BFA in Photography from SUNY Purchase in 2015. After being born and raised in the Bronx, she now resides in Guaynabo, PR. Angelina is currently working as a freelance photographer, writer, and activist. To follow her newest project, The Radical Database, a collection of resources to support the Black Lives Matter movement, click here.

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