(Issue 5) TV/Film/Theater Feature: Renee Harrison

Renee Harrison is a Jamaican born actor and content creator. She also founded a digital curation of culture and resources for Black women-identifying theater artists, called Black Girls Do Theater. For my last feature of 2020, it was great to talk to an old classmate, friend and someone I truly admire. Renee and I got to talk about everything from growing up, to code switching and the future of theater. It was such a lovely interview that we almost talked for two hours!

Books We Loved in 2020

2020 was a challenging year. When the world was forced to quarantine at home, many of us found solace in books, where we could escape to a different reality. I asked our editors to talk about one book that helped get them through 2020. Here is a collection of their selections, highlighting BIPOC titles that … Read moreBooks We Loved in 2020

(Issue 5) Food Feature: Kyanite Kitchen

by Stephanie Eyocko. Photographed by Mariah Miranda. Perhaps it’s not a coincidence, but activists, just like superheroes, have origin stories. Kya Parker’s starts at the Black Lives Matter protests back in May, when thousands of demonstrators flooded the streets of her native Washington to protest the murder of George Floyd and countless other victims of … Read more(Issue 5) Food Feature: Kyanite Kitchen

(Issue 5) Politics Feature: Dania Darwish

Interviewed by Citrine Ghraowi, Photographed by Joana Meurkens Dania Darwish is a 28 year old Arab American currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. I’ve known Dania Darwish for a little over two years now. We have a lot in common, we both worked together at a non-profit centered around helping immigrants and refugees acclimate to … Read more(Issue 5) Politics Feature: Dania Darwish

(Issue 5) Music Feature: Dwany

Interview and Photography by Joana Meurkens Dwany, is a first generation American-New York born singer/songwriter who is ready to introduce himself to the music world. Coming from a background of acting and musical theater, Dwany is an artist whose voice carries the emotion from the likes of Whitney Houston and Frank Ocean. Dwany and Artistic … Read more(Issue 5) Music Feature: Dwany

Beau Abronson Artwork

In order of appearance: Hickeys, Contortion, Pain and Pleasure In order of appearance: Chest and Hip In order of appearance: Peptoabymsmal, Flavors, and Sweet and Spicey Artist Statement: Beau (Zoe Abronson) is a Latinx, Jewish and Cree interdisciplinary artist from Los Angeles who is currently studying to become an art therapist. Their art centers around … Read moreBeau Abronson Artwork

Pain into Passion by Christina Pavone

Eight months ago, my mother passed away. Yeah, conversation killer. I know. Most people stay silent if and whenever it’s mentioned. I get it. You can’t fathom what it’s like unless you know first-hand. There’s a discomfort to the conversation around death. Now, most days I feel like a shell of a human being ; … Read morePain into Passion by Christina Pavone

Beginner’s Guide: Andre Doughty by Nancy Azcona

The entertainment industry as a whole was not built for us (BIPOC/LGBTQ). Those of us in it have had to find a way to make it ours. Along the way, we are building ourselves, because we are not our careers, we are human at the base of it all. Beginners Guide is a column where you get to meet some of your new favorite people, someone you can see yourself in, doing what they love, holding true to who they are, in the all-encompassing world of entertainment.

Bedroom Pop in the Latinx Community by Paola Fernandez

Photos from Left to Right: Omar Apollo by Julian Burgueno (Entertainment), Cuco by June Canedo (The Last Magazine), Ambar Lucid (Rolling Stones). Edited by Paola Fernandez Bedroom pop has exploded due to the digital age of the 21st century. It has opened doors to non-traditional faces to dominate music. Is bedroom pop the modern era … Read moreBedroom Pop in the Latinx Community by Paola Fernandez

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