“EXPRESSIONS” by Amelia Paige

The series is entitled ‘EXPRESSIONS’, and focuses on members of the LGBTQ+ community and their tattoos. It’s a photographic exploration of expression and representation within the community- something very close to my heart.

To me, one of the strongest forms of self-care is expression. The things we do to make ourselves feel the most genuine and comfortable in our skin. I focused this work on one particular facet of that: tattoos. As outwardly beautiful and personal as tattoos are, they’re also incredibly intimate. Tattoos can be so many things- a way to cope with harder periods of life, a source of inspiration, a way to bring people a sense of euphoria within our bodies.

Model: Catherine Chido

Model: Ally Swanson

Model: Nicol Maciejewska

Model: Olive Fetter

About the Artist:

My name is Amelia Paige, and I’m a photographer currently based in Brooklyn, New York. As a young queer person, I get a lot of inspiration from those in my life who have guided me with love, and from photographers that use their work as a means of connection. When it comes to making images, my process is making sure I focus on using photography as a personal form of expression. I want to use my images as a tool to start or maintain a dialogue about topics that need it- like mental health. The ultimate goal for myself is a viewer feeling seen and understood when looking at my photography. You can find more of my work on my Instagram (@ameliapaige7), and my website: www.ameliapaige.org 🖤

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