His Triumphant Entry: A day to remember by Kayode Adedoyin


The sky is the best place to find answers…

_Adedoyin kayode.

I have been in the business of interrogating the sky for introducing darkness which hid his face & made me vulnerable. 

Everytime my son ask me about his father, I tell him to wait till night fall then ask him to search in every darkness for the man who peeled my clothes off my skin with the sharpness of his fist & sliced me lustfully.

I remember that day like the day of my birth: I was born again, I was made a new creature in the eyes of the society & every mother restricted their daughters from me.

I remember that day like 20th of October 2020 how blood had to flow through my thigh as I protested against his sexual brutality.

I remember that day/ my body was laid like palm fronds for his triumphant entry.

Adedoyin Kayode is an emerging writer of both poems and short stories. His writing explores pain, love and depression. He was a member of the Transcendence master class facilitated by Aremu Adebisi Adams. His poem has appeared/ forth coming on Librettong Magazine, the African writers, Muse madness press and so on. His poem was short listed for the African writers lockdown challenge.

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