I refuse to withhold the entity I possess by Imani Williams

I refuse to withhold the entity I possess.  

Cause that indeed is my identity.  

It’s what oozes from my pores,  

cascades through my veins,  

Radiates from my skin,  

And it’s what you see in my gaze.  

How could a being with so many curves and angles 

so many edges and so many spaces  

Fit in your tiny tiny square box?  

How could you expect me to sit in your dark void and not shine? 

When I got a light within.. that could never ever die.  

I can’t recoil from 6’ 3’’ to 3 feet so that you can feel secure  in this meager situation,  

I can’t shed any weight off my heart, so yes, my love will 

always feel like a heavy blow at first.  

I can’t cover my glow with layers of clothes like you, every

inch of me does have to breathe and get some vitamin D.  

See I acquire an abundance of beauty and I’m rich with soul 

To suppress what the universe has gifted me with  This

lifetime around.,  

would be such a low blow.  

My entity,  

My identity,  

Is too precious.  

I deserve some space to breathe.

Imani Williams is a non binary writer from Fresno, CA and now resides Washington, DC. They have been writing since they were 4 and starting writing poetry at 10/11. Poetry became not just a passion, but truly a healing tool for them to grow into the human being they hope to achieve to be one day.

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