“Queer Bbys” by Odalys Burgoa

Queer bbys is a digital portrait series of friends who identify as lgbtq. It is a series that celebrates the community and a way to revolt against the political climate lgbtq+ persons face everyday. Queer “bbys” deserve to be celebrated at every capacity and creating portraits of specifically BIPOC queer persons is taking a step in demanding appreciation for how beautiful it is to be ourselves. Each portrait features different types and reflections of love from self love to love with partners. They also represent the diverse faces of queerness. 

About the Artist:

Odalys is a Mexican multimedia artist and gender fluid spirit from the Bronx, New York. Their pronouns are she/he and they. Their art focuses on community, identity and revolves around story-telling. They are also a curator of experiences and safe art spaces. They steward Anthony Ave Community garden with the mission to create a safe space for all and to focus on community building, celebrating and healing our communities. While they’re not painting and photographing they are planning the next steps in community building and gardening. 

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