The Dream Police by Justin Finley

The Dream Police

I saw what happened to black and brown

My dream of a shiny badge evaporated with the tears on the ground

How ironic, a darkness that is afraid of the shadow I cast

A sword that fears the sting of paper cuts and glass

Of all of the monsters dreamed up in my bunk bed

The dream police fill me with the most dread.

They’re in the headlines 

Ready to welcome you to their headlights

Creatures like this must be fables

Creatures like this get you at your own kitchen table

In my dream I cry out for a place

In my dream maybe the police won’t shoot but mace

Justin Finley is a writer and painter from Southside Chicago, IL. He began writing after creating index card comic books in elementary school, and he received his Bachelors of Arts in Creative Writing from Columbia College Chicago. He is the former Social Media Manager at Alien Literary Magazine. Justin is cofounder of the multimedia site Mementos set to launch in early 2021. He regularly shares journal entries and poetry on his website

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