Wet Bodies by Ebony Gilchrist

Wet bodies 

I rejoice for a moment,

a singing Seraphim in the rain,

weighed down by slick feathers.

Autonomy lost for a moment;

but, the promise of flight 

is just enough for the mind

to command the throat to open

A carousel of sound- instinctive

animal- claws out. My body,


I am somewhere close, 

hearing holy, as I observe

my legs spread against sheets like wings.

When the rain stops

the body follows,

and I am wet with euphoria. 

Ebony Gilchrist is a poet, recording artist, and content creator who fantasizes about space-time and black holes. Her work centers on exploring the familiarity of the unknown. Ebony’s poems have been published in Harness and Spoken Word Scratch Night. You can follow her on instagram @ekgwriting. 

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