Bedroom Pop in the Latinx Community by Paola Fernandez

Photos from Left to Right: Omar Apollo by Julian Burgueno (Entertainment), Cuco by June Canedo (The Last Magazine), Ambar Lucid (Rolling Stones). Edited by Paola Fernandez Bedroom pop has exploded due to the digital age of the 21st century. It has opened doors to non-traditional faces to dominate music. Is bedroom pop the modern era … Read moreBedroom Pop in the Latinx Community by Paola Fernandez

“When In Lockdown” by Kasandra Enid Torres

When In Lockdown is a series of drawings created from the angst of feeling stuck physically and creatively in a small NYC apartment. These drawings were used as a way to cope with sudden life changes.  About the Artist: Kasandra Enid Torres is a first generation Puerto Rican currently residing in NYC. She is a … Read more“When In Lockdown” by Kasandra Enid Torres

“Favorites Remixed III” by YUS

About the Album: Favorites Remixed III is the latest round of remixes from YUS. It features Azealia Banks, TOPS, A$AP Rocky and Chairlift, and was in production from between 2012 and 2020. The “Chasing Time” remix was created for the Azealia Banks remix contest, which ran when “Broke With Expensive Taste” came out, and though … Read more“Favorites Remixed III” by YUS

Getting Over the Slump by Maya Mathur

The first time I made pasta I was surrounded by strangers— and fawning over the young Italian chef who was instructing us. We all had our own mixing bowls, eggs and rolling pins. We each contributed our handmade pasta to the large pot of boiling salt water and stared in wonderment as our instructor began … Read moreGetting Over the Slump by Maya Mathur

Beginner’s Guide: Andre Doughty by Nancy Azcona

The entertainment industry as a whole was not built for us (BIPOC/LGBTQ). Those of us in it have had to find a way to make it ours. Along the way, we are building ourselves, because we are not our careers, we are human at the base of it all. Beginners Guide is a column where you get to meet some of your new favorite people, someone you can see yourself in, doing what they love, holding true to who they are, in the all-encompassing world of entertainment.

Notes On by Victoria Tamez

Training in Predominantly White Institutions as a Non-White Artist This year’s pandemic experience challenged me to take serious note on the things that are most important to me, both as an artist and as a citizen. So during the stay at home orders, I decided to start working towards one of them: earning my California … Read moreNotes On by Victoria Tamez

Idiossincrasia (Idiosyncrasy) by Carolina Castilho

Synopsis: In this city everyone dreams in secret. Technical descriptions: Filming – Iphone 8 Sound – Iphone 8 Instagram effect +3 aesthetic colors Video edition – Video shop application To view more of Carolina Castilho work go to : Carolina Castilho is a Brazilian filmmaker based in NYC. Her short movies “Entre os Ombros” … Read moreIdiossincrasia (Idiosyncrasy) by Carolina Castilho

Giada Rotundo Art

In 2017 , the artist Giada Rotundo obtained her MA from the Art Academy of Brera and in the following years started her artistic career by re-elaborating images from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Today she has chosen to not only represent one poetic style and her works do not follow a specific genre, though she continues to express herself with figurative painting. This however, has been a difficult choice and resulted after she matured and reflected upon the fact that it gives the observer a much freer view of her work. If we think that it is the public itself that ‘makes’ the artwork and that it would not exist without it, why shouldn’t we leave them the opportunity to interpret it? Explaining the meaning of the painting would influence their opinion too. Finally, looking at the art of today is like looking at something diverse and complicated, there is so much, sometimes too much. Once there was only one artistic trend and many people would be spontaneously involved. If we think of Art Déco, or even before Art Nuveau, many artists reproduced and spread these artistic styles to other similar fields such as: architecture, textiles and other minor ones. In short, if art is the mirror of what happens we cannot do anything else than reproduce art in the most heterogeneous way.

Extraterrestrial Rays by Matthew Marroquín

For 20 minutes a day the sunlight caresses my skin, peeling off the numbness like the rind of a lemon. I’m stuck in this room. I cannot leave, for I am not allowed to. I wish they could put me in a room with bigger windows so I could see outside, see the sky, see … Read moreExtraterrestrial Rays by Matthew Marroquín

Childhood Monsters by Matthew Marroquín

You’re laying alone in bed, and a chill consumes your body. You scan the room, fear creeping into your bones. A tingling sensation floods over your skin – as if you’re being watched by something, or someone. You can’t possibly fear the dark, no, it must be something else. You look across the room at … Read moreChildhood Monsters by Matthew Marroquín

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