Wet Bodies by Ebony Gilchrist

Wet bodies  I rejoice for a moment, a singing Seraphim in the rain, weighed down by slick feathers. Autonomy lost for a moment; but, the promise of flight  is just enough for the mind to command the throat to open A carousel of sound- instinctive animal- claws out. My body, unrecognizable.  I am somewhere close,  … Read moreWet Bodies by Ebony Gilchrist

Two Poems by Roseline Mgbodichinma

HEART BEATS My bones move like a miracle                                                    When the silver of your teeth                                                    Hits the roof of my tongue I love the coolness that folds          … Read moreTwo Poems by Roseline Mgbodichinma

Two Poems by Kyle Okeke

Hooves I try to break patterns like a fist to a mirror. It always ends  up like a deer  through my windshield, its waist caught by shards of glass, hooves hitting the wheels.  Crane Flies Came                And did absolutely nothing until             they wanted to have sex of course but                          once, I saw a crane fly … Read moreTwo Poems by Kyle Okeke

A Skincare Moment with A Dermatology PA by Rachel Cabeza

Like many people in the world, I am obsessed with all things skincare. I loved watching my mom as a child when she did her skincare routine. As a teen, I started using sunscreen and cleansing as per my moms guidance and it was a great way for us to bond. Now, I see it … Read moreA Skincare Moment with A Dermatology PA by Rachel Cabeza

Imposter by Tayler Simon

[Photo by @stacieswift] Do you ever feel like you don’t deserve to be in certain spaces? I have a bad habit of appraising my worth from my years of experience (or lack thereof) and how much I don’t know compared to the rest of the people around me. I feel overwhelmed when given responsibilities in … Read moreImposter by Tayler Simon

“Follies” by Hannah Nahas

Artist Statement: Hannah Nahas (b.1996) is an emerging artist currently based out of Providence, RI. Hannah is of Syrian and Russian Jewish decent with her work focuses on themes of liminality and the human experience.  A liminal space is the time between the ‘what was’ and the ‘next.’ It is a place of transition, waiting, … Read more“Follies” by Hannah Nahas


As an artist, I enjoy infiltrating psychedelic styles and patterns within my work to achieve a unique aesthetic. Adding vibrancy and including the liquify feature are some of the few techniques that make my work identifiable. I often experiment with colors, typography, and personas within my work to achieve a blissful feeling that comes with finishing … Read moreCARO