Melon Wong Knitwear Designs

Photograhy by Ryan Scullin

Modeled by Ariana Navazesh and David Kyle Anderson

Hair Styling by Gabriel Samuel Ramos

Melon Wong is an apparel designer based in NY. Her current work is in sustainable zero waste knitwear. She is often draws inspiration from American born Chinese culture, kitsch aesthetics, cowboys and 60s era vintage.

Above all, the intention of her brand is to remind people of the value of their apparel. Whether it be through personal stories and concepts or through the process in which the pieces are brought to life, it is her goal to humanize the objects we create in a time that is oversaturated with empty things. She envisions a world filled with diverse creators that can collectively set out to inspire every type of person to value our makers. 

Artist Statement:

Melon’s first knitwear collection is an exploration in seamless technology as well as in transparent mass production. The sweaters were produced by directly knitting yarn into the shape of the garment. This process differs from traditional garment manufacturing which takes yarn to fabric, and fabric to cut and sew or linking. By eliminating the fabric waste in the cutting and joining process, the sweaters produce virtually zero material waste. 

These sweaters are also programmed and created by Melon herself. With the exception of the wool sourced from Italy and the labels made in upstate NY, no labor was outsourced. This allows full transparency of the production life of the sweater. Melon designed, prototyped, knit, hand finished, washed and steamed every single piece. 

Despite using sophisticated equipment, the pieces are playful, whimsical and simply ingenious. She hopes that the energy of her sweaters are an approachable way to be introduced to the world of ethical production and that the wearer can feel connected to the piece knowing its full story.  

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