“Moves by Bluesoul”

Cover Art photographed by Andrew Persons and edited by Sid Gopinath

The Moves EP is a project that brings together one of the oldest songs in our repertoire and one of the newest. Our aim in putting this project together was to bring you into a vulnerable headspace between the two songs Don’t Look Down and Moves.

Moves is one of the first songs we wrote together and mainly existed as a meditation we’d play to ground ourselves at the beginning or end of a rehearsal. The song is simple in its construction (just two chords) yet powerful its message: music often moves us in ways nothing else can. The song took on a new life for us when we were able to play it again after having moved to neighboring parts of Brooklyn during the pandemic.

Don’t Look Down was born out of an improv in one of our rehearsals just months before the pandemic. It’s a love song focused less on being in love and more on the vulnerability love requires. Afraid that we won’t be caught when we fall, we love anyway. The song’s bridge especially captures just how precarious it can feel to love in the midst of uncertainty.

This EP is meant to sound like spending ten minutes in our heads at rehearsal, complete with the conversations and riffing that we’d normally have. We’re proud to say that this is our first self-produced project, with mixing and mastering from the talented Katie Buchanan. We plan to produce more music later this year.

About the Artists:

Indie r&b duo bluesoul consists of Alex Brunson and Sid Gopinath. Since their start in early 2018, bluesoul has sold out venues across New York—Rockwood Stage 2, The Bitter End, and Mercury Lounge—played shows across the United States, and made an international appearance in France.

The duo released their latest EP, Moves, on all platforms in January 2021. To keep up with bluesoul and see more content, follow them on Instagram and YouTube.

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