Olga Vidaurri Paintings

The body of work presented involves the dreamscape as well as self growth. They are a development of my self worth as well as igniting this connection with the self through my identity and dreams. Each work has an aspect that is in relation to what I have experienced as well as the general notions of what can be experienced in a dream. 

These ideas are presented throughout the works. There are references to flowers as well as depictions of fruits, an emphasis to hair and in some instances, animals. They all revolve to the idea of self development and personal identity. These features surround my natural state of being and growing; they protrude to past memories of an emotional state in time. A different frame of mind. The main subjects are also seen and presented differently to give notion of an ever growing state of being, which is not constant.  

“Nurture” Acrylic on canvas
“Voids” Acrylic on Canvas

 “Pure as White” Acrylic on Cavas

About the Artist:

Olga Vidaurri is a visual artist that is based in the Inland Empire in Southern California. As a visual artist, she mainly works with acrylic paint and tries to incorporate the aspects of a dreamscape into her work. They involve her own personal experiences, as well as her identity to portray her visual works. She feels as though our dreams define our subconscious thoughts, and should be explored. The dream is a form that allows her to explore and understand her human experience. 

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