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“I am a photographer because I find a deep beauty in what a lens can do. It lets you see the ugly, the evil, the pure hearted etc. To me, photography is like a highlighter that points out what makes life life and what makes art, art” — Rhea

“A Man’s Reflection”

About the Artist:

I got my name from the prefix of my middle name “Rhea” meaning “great queen” and “mother of gods.” I thought that was extremely powerful especially for my rebrand of myself and my art and my social presence as well as ironic because my first name meant princess. I feel exactly that as a princess becoming a queen. I am beginning to add more of a base, a storyline, an intention within my art. I started playing around taking pictures of friends and art ambitious teens like me hanging out in Atlanta being rebellious and “independent” as most teenagers do, but I always had the goals of saying something with my work. I can only get excited when I think about the future projects and topics I cant wait to convey. Being a photographer is one of the most fulfilling thing in my life and I know that’s a huge thing to proclaim at nineteen. Being an artist is like a superpower; you see things that can’t be seen, you understand the misunderstood. I don’t know what I would do without it.

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