The sky is crying by Dawn Watts

my love is a thunderstorm

a heavy-clouded heartache

the sky is crying, opening 


bodies of dark clouds 


in colors of gray deepening

thick set drops of rain 


on leaves clinging to

corners as if there could

be shelter 

from the onslaught

wells of water 

fill each empty


until nothing is dry

souls under fire 

from the deluge 

& wind racing 


in aggressive waves


down the drenched streets

each step a slippery manuevor


in mud & stone sinking 

in an act to 

bury, turning 

into a liquid death

I am missing your flesh

pressed tight against mine 

*Inspired by the original blues recording “The sky is crying” by Elmore James

Dawn Watts is a writer of poetry and prose. Her work has appeared in Serotonin, Stone of Madness Press, Tealightpress, PocketFire Press and a forthcoming poem with Melbourne Culture Corner. She lives in Chester Pennsylvania and can be found on Twitter @wattswritte

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