“Hot and Moody” by Bevin Mirielle

Liquid Kid
A Letter From Him To You
Below Sea Level
The Smoke Only Makes Me Sick Now and Yet I Still Can’t Breathe
Confusin In the Marketplace
Bathtub Blues

Bevin Mirielle is a Filipina-American mixed media artist that creates abstract portrayals of her memories. She creates these works because as she was growing up, she didn’t really have anyone to talk to about the thoughts inside her head. Instead she had to count on herself, and through her efforts, made sense of it all using any materials that she could find.

Her work is an assemblage of different aspects or pieces of the world that she finds beautiful or intriguing. The aspects that she chooses resonate with the feeling or atmosphere that she wants to convey. The placement of the individual pieces is meant to heighten the depth and aura of the resulting work.

Colorful. Striking. Haunting. Chaotic. Bright. Sorrowful.

Bevin loves creating artwork because it allows her to tell a story through a visual means. Her work also elicits reactions from others that affect the way that they perceive or behave around a certain topic.

Currently, Bevin spends most of her time working on small projects in her home studio. She creates works independently, of her own volition, so that she still continues to be inspired even after graduating with her Bachelors in 2020. You can usually find her writing in her journal; jotting down lists, random thoughts, or plans for the future.

When creating a piece, she considers the objects and shapes of the world and evaluates their position in relation to the other. The aspects of each material and medium remind her of the memories and experiences that she holds deep within her.

Through her work, she wants her audience to understand the pain and loneliness that she has gone through. She wants others to feel the stillness of time and how endless it really is. She wants to leave them with something to ponder about and for them to feel what she feels every day. 

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