Just by Adeola Sheehy

Just because the bruises aren’t there doesn’t mean your hands don’t hurt
Just because words are your weapons doesn’t mean the wounds don’t cut deep
Just because I didn’t scream no doesn’t mean I didn’t fight back
Just because I am your love doesn’t mean I deserve your hate
I wish I was small, pale and fragile
I wish the things you inflict would announce themselves on my skin
I wish I didn’t have to wait until I unearthed my voice
I wish I wasn’t strong
Just your daughter
Just your partner
Just the mother of your children
Just a woman
I’ve been in training all my life to take all that’s given
I’ve learnt to know my place
I’ve been shown what to expect
I’ve learnt to walk this well-worn path
My body stands still against the tirade
My tears no longer fall
My emotions have numbed themselves, we’ve been here before
My eyes close
My breath sighs, as I die to myself once more

Adeola Sheehy is an Irish/Nigerian woman born and raised in London who now lives on the edge of The New Forest in the South of England with her partner and four children. The written word has been her expression, safe-haven and dearest love for as long as she can remember. She uses prose to tackle the questions her mind ponders most and poetry to express the feelings closest to her heart. She can be found on Instagram @adeola_moonsong

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