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Mads Deaver has been chasing music for the majority  of her life. In her teens the Los Angeles  singer/songwriter began transforming her experiences into lyrics and setting those lyrics to music. Now 21, Mads works hands-on with producers to create not only the words but each sound of  her songs. 

Mads’ sound is fresh Indie Pop with a reminiscent blend of 90’s Rock. Her honest and  quirky lyrics, written in the ‘Notes’ of her iPhone, are the late night, inner-thoughts of  the 20-something Gen Z that she is. With lyrics like “karma is a bitch and it’s me” and  “were just friends, my bad” her recent singles “John Tucker” and “When You’re Drunk”  are catchy, tongue-in-cheek vibes listeners easily relate and sing to. 

Her newest single, I Forgive You, is the artist’s first ballad. This candid song is Mads’  personal reaction to relationships and forgiveness. The ballad’s lyrics written exclusively  by the artist and sung with a fierce rawness will resonate with each listener personally. 

She is currently working on new music with producers from both the US and UK to  put a voice to the initiation into her 20’s and ‘adulthood’ that will culminate in an EP  to be released in 2021.

Listen to “I Forgive You” here: Spotify / Apple Music

Listen to “When You’re Drunk”: Spotify / Apple Music

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