Menga354 for Mixed Mag

Creative Direction by Joana Meurkens

Photography by Ryan Scullin

Clothing by Menga354

Styling by Annie Meng and Joana Meurkens

Modeled by Rahm Bowen (Hair by Mecca Little), Kimber Monroe, Joana Meurkens, and Maria Salazar

Read Annie’s feature in Issue 7 here!

Menga354 is an ode to retro-futurism, a luxury casualwear brand that explores the unknown temporal spaces within a multi-dimensional universe. Inspired by ongoing technological and scientific advancements, the brand aims to capture the uncanny nuances of futurism and science fiction.

“What I’m trying to do with Menga is create something that is classic and timeless. I don’t want to make something that bores people though so I try to add an exciting element in everything that I do, whether it’s the material or one small detail but still sticking to simple shapes and silhouettes,”- Annie Meng

Read Annie’s feature here!

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