Pola Dobrzynski Artwork

In evaluation of my sunsetting adolescence, this is an unavoidable fact: 

Time bleeds together in unimaginable ways. 

The joys of former mornings bleed into my practice of mourning for the things that have been lost along the way. Lost to time, destruction, and darkness. I, too, am bleeding. And time holds my sanguine hand, grasping on to the promise of sunrise.

In the spirit of that rebirth, I leave you with these small and secret spring tidings. 


About the Artist:

Pola Dobrzynski is a first generation queer creative from New York. Her work is informed by a passion for familial legacy, introspection, and creating vulnerable spaces. Weaving media and creating work that is both archival and collage-like in nature, Pola’s work explores themes of emotional connectivity, resilience, and healing. In 2018, Pola started as Community Engagement Manager at For Freedoms, where she assisted with collaborations with The ICP Museum, Guardian US, The Currier Museum of Art, UNTITLED Art Fair, The Betsy Hotel, and Photoville. She has also served as a freelance digital media specialist for the Vision and Justice Project at Harvard University, and freelance coordinator for the Guild of Future Architects.

Connect with the Artist: https://www.instagram.com/po_laroid/

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