“Wore” by anxioushum

anxioushum started in 2017 as a solo project by Sydney Diaz. After a couple years of playing solo, friend-turned-bassist Matt Sherman joined. A rotating cast of live and studio drummers from the local Long Island music community filled out the project, thus turning anxioushum into a full-band endeavor. Though initially recorded while still a solo project, the EP, entitled myspace demos, was released in April of 2019. Since the release of the EP, anxioushum has mostly played around their native Long Island, as well as a few shows in Brooklyn.  Their sound has been compared to indie/”emo” acts such as Pedro the Lion and Death Cab for Cutie. They tenderly and semi-jokingly refer to themselves as “soft, sensitive indie rock” after hearing Death Cab frontman Ben Gibbard refer to his band by that.

Photo of Sydney Diaz

Their new single “wore” was released last month as a split with their friend Molly O’Malley out of Cleveland, OH. The song was produced by Billy Mannino, who produced myspace demos as well. The song was recorded shortly before Diaz temporarily, but indefinitely, relocated to Los Angeles for acting work. Though Syd and Matt are currently based on opposite coasts, there will be more anxioushum material in the future, and are excited for their next chance to record and release music.”

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