(Issue 8) Fashion Feature: Rusty Reconstructed

INTERVIEW BY KIMBER MONROE & CREATIVE DIRECTION BY JULIA RODRIGUEZ RUSTY RECONSTRUCTED is an LA based brand focused on reworked streetwear in everyday life. Arianna and Nikolas Knowles Sanchez-Wong are more than business partners. The couple and best friends have been working together since middle school, and this latest venture is their biggest and brightest … Read more(Issue 8) Fashion Feature: Rusty Reconstructed

(Issue 8) Food Feature: Thai Harris Singer

‘Grandma’s Hands’, A Food Retrospective: Johnny Cakes On some Saturday or Sunday morning in or around 2007, my Mother woke up with a craving for Johnny Cakes. She got me out of bed, brought me downstairs to the kitchen, and in my confusion, pulled out a bag of cornmeal instead of the pancake mix. She … Read more(Issue 8) Food Feature: Thai Harris Singer

(Issue 8) Music Feature: Lo Village

Written by Sherin Nassar Photography by Ogechi Ogbuaku Lo Village is upfront in that they want to do things on their own terms: own their art and their vision. You get that from their music but you also get it in the details: like the fact that they produce all of their music through their … Read more(Issue 8) Music Feature: Lo Village

(Issue 8) Politics Feature: Whit Washington

Interview by Carolina Meurkens, Photography by Vanessa dos Santos Whit Washington is a show tune lover, my son’s favorite uncle and one of Washington D.C’s leading Criminal Justice Consultants fighting for the rights of trans people in police custody. In our intimate and enlightening conversation, they discussed their experience growing up as a queer mixed … Read more(Issue 8) Politics Feature: Whit Washington

Hair Stories: (Joi Broughton)

Interviewed by Kimber Monroe. Photography by Joana Meurkens I’m so excited to be back for Hair Stories. In this column, we speak with a lot of people about their journeys toward acceptance and love when it comes down to hair. It’s not easy to exist in our society if you don’t fit into the Eurocentric … Read moreHair Stories: (Joi Broughton)

“Growth” by Maddie Provost

Throughout the entirety of this year, I have attempted to define growth. Tried to look at it from every feasible angle. Tried to find a way to bypass the necessary introspection in search for an easy solution. I tried to stop thinking about it as I gradually uncovered the essence of growth.  In the past … Read more“Growth” by Maddie Provost

“A Blessing and a Curse to Understand; Activating Océane.” by Ania B. Holland

Photography by Noah Guerin Sifting through her Logic X projects folder, Maya opened her logic session,  showing a multilayered track stacked with vocals. Each sung at a different pitch intertwined with an extra set of reversed vocals sitting underneath the backing harmonies of a demo version of what would be her debut single, “I’ll Try, … Read more“A Blessing and a Curse to Understand; Activating Océane.” by Ania B. Holland

“Heart Series” by Andrea Miranda

“These Aren’t Cowgirl Boots”  I reminisce sitting at a Cornish pub, watching the summer sunset drip below the sea. Art students dressed in striking looks made simple by their infectious, relaxed personas, a bubbling of live music creating a melody with the clinks of our drinks, and the buzzed chatter of my friends mixed with … Read more“Heart Series” by Andrea Miranda

IgnoRANT by Racquel Jones

“The voice of the record is addressing truth; in its raw blatant pure form void of the disposition of wrong or right. It’s my voice…along with the voice of anyone who has ever felt stereotyped. It may seem at times cynical, sarcastic, provocative and uncomfortable, but the anguish is palpable by intention. It’s a voice … Read moreIgnoRANT by Racquel Jones

Staff Picks: Side Characters

I wanted to include a Staff pick so y’all, our beautiful viewers, can get to know us, the amazing staff behind Mixed Mag. I also wanted to showcase our TV/Film/Theater picks because although it may feel like all you see are white stories or stories of the oppressor, our stories have been here for a … Read moreStaff Picks: Side Characters

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