Alyssa Purnomo Artwork

Alyssa Purnomo is an Indonesian, Seattle based architecture student who creates art on the side. She is an experimental artist, always looking and trying out new techniques to try to find a style that suits her creative thinking and expression. The works that are published are her mixed-media experiments that she explored and developed throughout being at home during the pandemic, only using materials that are available at hand.

The mixed-media works uses cutout typography and images from recycled magazines and newspapers, scotch-tape, paint and trace paper. Most of them have no definite meaning to it, it is just an arrangement of objects on paper that represents her creative chaos that is happening in her mind as she curates these works. 

The “Hate is the Virus” artwork was made in response to the ongoing and recent violence targeting specific racial groups. In hopes that it will help spread awareness and raise attention towards the unnecessary violence, she spilled out her thoughts and feelings about this issue through art-making.

More of her works on Instagram: or connect with the artist herself @alyssa.purnomo

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