An Untitled Poem for an Untitled Home by Dariana Perez

Pa pa pa, pa pa

My feet sing in dance

under the aroma

of your island roots.

Your hands craft a symphony

from our ancestors’ recipes,

the only memory we can bring

to this placeholder home.

Together, we clutch tightly

to the fading tan on our skins

and the Spanish words we cannot recall.

Home? It must be between,

neither here nor there,

leaving us homeless in our dance.

Pa pa pa, pa p-


Dariana Pérez (she/her) is a Puerto Rican-Guatemalan artist. Currently pursuing a BFA in Acting and minor in Creative Writing, she is reclaiming her voice and rooting herself in who she is rather than who she is told to be. A su Puerto Rico encantado, ella extraña y te verá pronto. 

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