“Call Me” by Doren

Cover Art Photography by St. Valentine edited by Doren.

“I started writing Call Me in 2018 while I was still in high school. I wrote it about my insecurities, the constant need for validation that I had at the time, and the bursts of confidence that would occasionally fill me. This song sums up my high school experience and being on certain dating apps like Grindr when I was too young to be on them. The softer section is my insecurities, it’s me trying to avoid myself and surrounding myself with strangers. The rock section is my moment of confidence where I got the courage to stand on my own without anyone. I decided to have the song go back to the softer chorus section at the end because of how fleeting those moments of confidence always felt. This song is really a representation of how my brain was functioning in high school.”

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Doren is a 20 year old singer, songwriter, rapper and trumpet player from Brooklyn. Music has been a guiding force in his life for as long as he can remember, but he began taking it seriously ten years ago while playing trumpet. A graduate of LaGuardia High School, Doren has attended music programs at Juilliard, Jazz At Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall to learn all he can about music and find new sounds. He is currently a student in the Studio Composition program at the SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Music. 

Doren is committed to creating innovative sounds and his music blurs the boundaries of genre. Doren is passionate about delivering music that doesn’t sound like anything else.

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