Colorful Cosmic Escapes by Amira Alsareinye

Although our thoughts may be mesmerizing and absurdly beautiful, my art works with the concept that we are not our thoughts.

90 percent of my works are based off of intense memory fueled visualizations that are scientifically termed as involuntary semantic memories. These memories may present themselves as random text, images, sounds and more suddenly coming to mind. Many times these visualizations that I experience are contrary to natural order, like a dream, they are odd, fantastic, vivid, and sometimes frightening. 

Because they are bits of memories, some of them may be exclusive to my perception of the world, which is very unique, because I am a first generation American with Immigrant parents from very different cultures. My father, Syrian and  mother Mexican, and I was born and raised in America, all of these together create a distinctively creative worldview.

I seek to ground these vivid memory mixtures in the present, sharing them with the world, to reflect on the amazingly ridiculous patterns of the mind. In 2014 I graduated with a degree in biology, adding to the constant representation of anatomical figures within my art.

“The Masks We Wear” 2020
“Growth + Rebirth” 2021
Ink Pen
“Life and Death: 2019
Acrylic and Watercolor
“F***king Exhausted” 2021
Crayola Crayon
“Feeding My Anxiety” 2020

Amira Alsareinye descends from two cultural backgrounds, Syrian and Mexican, while she was born and raised in San Antonio. She graduated from the University of the Incarnate with a  B.A. in biology in 2014. She creates surreal floral escapes and cosmic figurative paintings mainly in acrylic and watercolor.

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