“immoderate” by Yi-Mei

Yi-Mei is a cellist and singer-songwriter from Santa Monica, California. She studies classical cello at the New England Conservatory in Boston, MA where she is a member of NEC’s award-winning graduate piano trio in residence, Trio Gaia. She has been writing songs on the piano from a young age, but only began experimenting with singing and playing her cello like a guitar in 2018, when she was unable to bring her ukulele to college with her. Since then, Yi-Mei has quickly established the roots of a uniquely multi-faceted performing career. She orchestrates her songs with her own cello playing and draws songwriting inspiration from literature, indie-folk influences, and classical music alike. “Immoderate” is her first single. 

I was inspired to write “immoderate” after reading Eileen Myles’s poem, “Peanut Butter”, which so beautifully captures the essence of long-standing romantic love. I was so moved by the way that Myles describes loving someone in every aspect of life, from youth to old age, in mundane moments and profound ones. “Immoderate” is about only being able to love another person in a way that is all-consuming, and wishing that I could love someone moderately instead of immoderately. 

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